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California Solar Energy Benefits - What It Means For Your Residential and Commercial Space

You might be wondering what the point of switching to solar-based energy for your home or business does for you or your neighbors and why anyone would use the power of the sun to fuel their electricity needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got your answers right here.

Financial Advantages of Solar Power in California

People often wonder exactly how solar energy saves them money and how it can possibly work year round and, for instance, at night.

A process called Net Metering is an incentive set up by utility companies that allows you to help produce energy for the entire energy grid itself.

Your panels collect and transform solar energy into useable electricity on your premises even on cloudy days.

For all excess power generated by your panels, your local power utility supplier will monitor what is returned back into the grid, which returns you credits on your energy bill since your panels help the entire grid.

At night, for instance, you may still have electricity needs in which you’ll pull from the grid yours and other solar panel owners have supplied throughout the day.

This allows the distribution of all of that solar energy from the entire network to be distributed where needed when needed.

Credits from Net Metering

If you live in a comparable sunny area, you’ll be likely to receive quite a bit of credit from net metering, assuming you have traditionally normal power consumption levels in your home or business.

The process essentially works with bi-directional metering. Traditionally, your meter continues to run up as you consume electricity off of the power grid from your provider.

With solar panels, if you are using less than you are producing, your meter literally runs backward as the grid collects the excess energy. In cases where you use more than you produce, though, you only pay for whatever you didn’t produce to cover your home or business’s needs.

Depending on your power usage, it’s possible to next to nothing per month. However, no matter what, unless you are running an extreme science experiment 24/7 from your location, you are pretty much guaranteed to notice a dip in your monthly power costs.

Even if you don’t care about the environment, you must at least see the appeal of solar for this reason alone. The benefits don’t stop there, as there are long-term positive effects which are immeasurable.

Environmental Effects

California currently has one of the most aggressive renewable energy goals in the country since it has the highest population of any state in the country. Considering how more and more technology we use is powered by electricity, that electricity has to be generated to meet those demands. Currently, the majority of the state’s needs come from burning natural gasses.

While not nearly as pollutant as coal plants, of which California still has one plant in operation, combustion has the unfortunate side effect of producing unwanted waste which contributes to climate change, which has already been projected to be past the point of no return in terms of the 2 degree change which has the ability to drastically change a great many things we enjoy as a society, including our agriculture and marine life which feeds us and helps us maintain one of the largest economies in the world…and not for the better.

Climate scientists highly encourage moving away from combustion as a way to generate the energy demands we need to power all of our industries and personal luxuries and one of the ways we all can contribute to putting the brakes on climate change is to use solar energy.

If 2 degrees doesn’t sound like much, it’s maybe easier to think of your own internal temperature…when you are sick, you often get a fever, but that difference in temperature is rarely more than 2 or 3 degrees, with a change of 5 or 6 degrees literally life-threatening.

In much the same way, the Earth’s delicate environment is highly sensitive to mild differences like this.

We already know the planet will have a ‘fever’ of 2 degrees within the next fifty years.

Without solar power and other alternatives, it’s projected we will be dealing with a planetary fever of 4 to 5 degrees within the next century, possibly rendering the planet unlivable for much of the population in as few as 3 or 4 generations.

Solar Power for Business and Home

When most people think of solar energy and panel installation, the first thing that springs to mind is low-cost energy solutions for residential properties.

While that is certainly a benefit to those who embrace solar power, that’s not the entire picture.

Along with residential solar panel installation, Solar Sun Surfer can help your business through some of the top commercial solar power companies in California.

Moving a company to solar energy can significantly lower operating costs, qualify the business for a variety of rebates, and more.

Furthermore, we can help your home or office achieve even more efficient electricity use through our additional services, including:

  • Energy consumption audits
  • Electrical services
  • Solar water heating
  • Solar pool heaters

Early Adoption

The advantages of being an early adopter mean that you get to be a trendsetter.

You’ll be one of the first who gets to enjoy the financial benefits of generating your own electricity virtually waste-free and, like us, will probably be excited enough about the experience that you’ll encourage others you know to make the switch.

Like with anything valuable, the long term investment is immeasurable and the sooner to start saving on your power costs, the more it benefits you in the long run.

You also have the ease of mind to be able to say to others that you do your individual part to combat environmental damage that comes with combustion-based forms of energy production, in case you anyone wants to try and challenge your business or personal habits of being wasteful. There’s nothing quite like leading-by-example.

When you’re ready to stop overpaying for energy, contact Solar Sun Surfer right away to learn more about your solar powered options and to get a free quote for your home or business.