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California Solar Water Heater - Reduce Energy Waste

Local Solar Water Heater Experts

When it comes to saving money and turning to green energy, installing a solar water heater in California is a great way to do both.

Whether installed in combination with a whole-home solar power system or you just want to save on your monthly gas or electricity costs when it comes time to attend your basic everyday tasks like doing the laundry, taking showers, or washing your dishes.

However, working on converting all basic utilities to implement a new set of equipment isn’t something the average homeowner has time or training to do.

When needs like these arise, it’s time to call on the professionals.

This is why you need Solar Sun Surfer, one of California’s top solar water heater installation and maintenance experts.

  • A proud member of California’s growing green-tech revolution, Solar Sun Surfer is excited to work with you in making your home a green and cost-saving place to live.
  • Our experts are available for free consultations during regular business hours, and will even go through the trouble of investigating into the various rebates and incentives offered on the state and federal levels to make the switch even easier on the savvy consumer.
  • With all of the various rebates expiring and changing, this value-add is sure to be especially helpful for someone looking for that extra push to switch over.

This exciting technology can be yours with only a consultation and estimate from one of our licensed professionals.

You’re Using More Hot Water than You Think

There’s no question why solar hot water systems are gaining in popularity in California, either. Hot water is traditionally provided via a gas furnace or electric demand water heater in most homes.

However, when it comes down to the numbers, both gas and electricity are only going to increase in price as time goes on.

A solar water heater does not use gas and uses far less electricity than other water heating options out there. Use the power of the sun for free instead with one of our solar hot water systems!

When you look at how much hot water the tasks above actually use, it makes absolute sense. On average, most washing machines are going to use between 20 and 35 gallons of water every time you wash a load.

The average shower, which lasts just a bit more than eight minutes, will use over 17 gallons of hot water – which really adds up depending on how big your family is.

Running your dishwasher doesn’t use quite as much hot water, but at 4 to 8 gallons per cycle, it certainly makes an impact on the cost of your electricity or gas.

Of course, there are other uses too, such as running warm water for hand washing or surface cleaning work, which also add to the total water used per month.

From these estimates a small household will use just about 1,750 gallons a month from these activities alone, driving gas/electric costs up.

As if that weren’t difficult enough, it gets even worse during the winter months.

To get even the bare minimum of “room temperature” water out of the faucet requires heating water to some degree in cold weather, putting more and more strain on your water heating systems.

As time presses on, the furnace or demand heater will require a replacement from the wear and tear of use, which is especially expensive, as it will require a contractor’s assistance.

Some Keys to Consider While Deciding on a New Solar Water System

There are a few ins and outs involved in a solar heating system installation.

There are three different kinds of solar energy water heater available on the market.

  • Solar Batch Collector
  • Solar Evacuated Tube Collector
  • Solar Flat Plate Collector

The type used for a household will generally depend on what the needs of the household in question are, though some make more sense in certain climates than others.

Here is a rundown of the capabilities and strengths of each of the three different types of solar water heater systems.

Solar batch collectors

Also known as Integrated Collector-Storage, they are heat tubes insulated in a box then draws on the reserves when needed.

Fortunately, these solar water systems can store water for near indefinite length, though they require a mixture with cold water in order to be used at a temperature safe for the user and the storage unit.

Batch collectors are not recommended in colder parts of California and are incompatible with closed loop circulation systems.

Solar evacuated tubes

They work like a thermal flask by separating the inner and outer glass tubes, which allows radiant light and heat in, but prevents heat from escaping.

These can work in any climate, even sub-zero weather, thanks to the vacuum sealing.

Evacuated tubes are the most expensive option, but their versatility makes them a very solid choice no matter what.

Flat plate collectors

They the least expensive option, best suited to moderate climates. Inside an insulated box are absorber plates connected to copper water tubes.

Not only is this option relatively inexpensive, but the yield of hot water per box is about enough to handle one person’s worth of hot water per box.

Some consumers may be wary of investing in new technology for such a vital part of their house utilities, which is perfectly reasonable.

Solar Sun Surfer is chock-filled with some of the best experts on the topic around and is always ready to provide the best help and information on solar water heaters on a local scale.

We also offer California solar pool heating that can help reduce energy consumption yet generate the same amount of heat as regular pool heaters.

There are plenty of reasons to switch over, not limited to, but including:

  • Affordable, fast installation process
  • Long-term savings on energy and/or gas bills
  • Planet-saving green energy production
  • Inexpensive maintenance upkeep and repairs

Here are More Services We Offer in California

  • Electrical Services
  • Commercial Solar Installation
  • Commercial Solar Solutions
  • Residential Solar Panels

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to trust Solar Sun Surfer not only with your water heating needs, but solar essentials as a whole.

Contact us for an appointment today and find out why everyone is abuzz about the green revolution in solar water heating!