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California Electrical Services - Set Your Sights On Solar Surfing

As our energy needs, nay demands, increase yearly, with more and more devices needing to be plugged in around the house, from TVs to computers, to cellphones and the inevitable ‘internet of things’ slated to invade everyone’s home in the next ten years, it’s important to remember that all of these products require California’s electrical services.

However, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, especially if you’re forward thinking.

You might even already be noticing that climate change is starting to put unnecessary strain on your larger electrical needs like climate control for your house as unprecedented heatwaves and cold spells are becoming common.

The solution to combat those weather events isn’t to burn more traditional energy sources that contributed to it in the first place.

The solution is clean, eco-friendly solar power solutions. 

More Options for Everyone

There’s a multitude of technologies and modifications that are already available that help you not only save money but can allow you to be the change you want to see in the world.

When you put your money where your heart is, you’ll feel even more justified since every solar solution does more than help the overall environment but generate your monthly savings on your power bill.

Here are just a few of the options for your electrical services that
Solar Sun Surfer offers to get you riding into the future with a purpose and fatter wallet.

Solar Panel Installations

California electricity and utility companies along with state programs make solar PV panel installations more attractive than ever.

Tax incentives, rebates, and reductions both from the state of California and the federal government have made solar panels a highly affordable choice for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional electric utility services.

A highly recommended cost-saving addition to any home, solar panels augment California’s existing electrical services with the power you produce on premises.

Using net metering, all excess energy produced will lower your bill by counting backward as you supply the utility company with power that is essentially bought back from you.

With 260 days of sunshine a year in most parts of California and the fact that panels work with even heavy cloud cover, your panels are guaranteed to save you massive amounts every year on your utility bill.

Solar Sun Surfer’s expert professional technicians can turn your home into a nearly self-sustaining energy farm that makes you money while you’re away.

Depending on your eligibility, even the installation process can be nearly paid for in full through all of the available incentives.

Solar Water Heaters

We often forget that having hot water on tap for our showers, washing dishes, washing the car, whatever it is uses up energy and slowly adds to your monthly bill, regardless of how much you use.

Traditional water heaters use either electricity or gas power to maintain temperature for you at all times, even when you’re not using any hot water.

While it’s not the most costly thing to power in your home, it certainly is an obvious point of improving your energy consumption and is recommended for its simplicity and reliability.

Your water is heated by pure solar energy and for the most part, can be completely disconnected from all other electrical connections.

This even helps future electrical contractors that might need to work on your home narrow down their workload and save you money on repairs and upkeep.

All of this while you enjoy all the free hot water you could ever want. Check our recommended solar water heater to learn more about this service.

Solar Insulation

One of the things we don’t think about when saving energy is how much we waste.

During extremely sunny days, windows allow in solar energy that can put unnecessary strain on your indoor climate control systems, including your refrigerator and air condition.

California gets especially hit hard; solar insolation measurements, which map out where the most amount of solar energy and heat strike the earth, put California in one of the most active areas for this kind of energy.

While it makes a really great case for installing solar panels, the side effect is that your windows absorb the heat as a side effect.

Your climate control has to work overtime during the day to counteract this.

If you don’t have central air, you may notice this effect every afternoon, where the side of your house that is more exposed to the sun heats up incredibly fast compared to the other parts.

Solar insulation can minimize these effects. Curtains and other shading devices simply stop the light but they don’t stop the heat.

By using a special coating on the windows to your home, you can maintain an even and manageable temperature inside all day, saving on your reliance to California electric providers and towels to wipe your brow in the summer.

Solar Pool Heaters

Just as with your typical water heater, you can control the temperature of your pool with solar energy.

Paying to keep the water fresh for enjoyment can quickly get out of control, but by using the natural rays of the sun to maintain that perfect temperature puts the entire process safely ‘outta sight, outta mind’, leaving you to just have an always ready refreshing dip or pool party for essentially no cost to maintain.

In California, where conservation is becoming more prevalent, it doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you enjoy about electricity or put unnecessary strain on electric supply to your home and a pool heater is the perfect example.

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Get Surfing Today

These are just some of the offerings of Solar Sun Surfer that can save you magnificently on your bill and reduce your carbon footprint drastically at the same time and new technologies and solutions are being introduced all the time.

It’s a great time to hit the solar wave and start saving the planet and your bank today.

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