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Sun Solar Surfer - Support and Warranties

We know that anything physical is prone to degrade and needs periodic maintenance to retain its value and with that in mind, we offer maintenance and repair on not only our own work but on any installation no matter what company installed it. Our team of experts is trained to handle any installation no matter who performed the work and any kind of building with whatever kind of setup they have. Our warranty already covers your installation if it was performed by our team because we stand by our work, but we also believe our expertise to be strong enough to handle any kind of repair or maintenance issue you have because we want your solar experience to be a smooth ride.
There’s no reason that anyone should be dissatisfied with their solar panel installation and we want to make sure there never is.

What Is Covered?

It’s likely easier to answer the inverse of that question; what isn’t covered? Our mission at Sun Solar Surfer is to make sure not only our own customers are satisfied with our solar installation but that anyone with any solar installation absolutely has the best experience possible. Our service department is capable of handling everything from basic inquiries about your energy bills in relation to the installation on your premises to honoring any warranties with your setup.

Our Guarantee

Sun Solar Surfer guarantees you that we will answer your calls in a timely fashion and treat every issue, no matter if it’s with our own work or someone else’s, with the highest level of care possible. Our team can troubleshoot and repair any and all PV panel setups and configurations. We will honor and quickly respond to any warranty and repair issues covered on system components in installations as well as roofing issues related to your solar installation and setup.
Sun Solar Surfer installations come with warranties from not only the manufacturer of the individual components but on our own work. Our installations come with a 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, a 10-Year Installation Warranty and even an extended warranty which covers our installation for a full 25 years, meaning that you can be sure that whatever issues you have will be promptly resolved in a timeframe that’s a convenience for your home or business.

Residential Warranties and Installations

For the needs of your home, Sun Solar Surfer will handle your concerns, repairs, maintenance and even questions about servicing and covering or general inquiries about your warranty coverage. We don’t want you to feel like you’re left alone with the new addition to your home and no one to help you if for whatever reason problems occur within it. Our enthusiasm for solar power fuels our desire to make sure your experience is the best possible one you can have, no matter where you bought your installation from.
Get in contact with us today if you have any concerns, questions or issues with your installation by INSERT CONTACT HERE and we will make sure you are taken care of so you can get back to riding that solar wave.

Commercial Warranties and Installations

Commercial needs can be quite complicated and maybe even overwhelming for a business owner when it comes to handling repairs and warranties, which is why we don’t discriminate or ignore any problem no matter how small or large. Our goal at Sun Solar Surfer is that you stay as enthusiastic about your choice to go solar as we are in our own work to lay the solar groundwork of the future. We handle all repairs and maintenance whether the warranty is with us or with someone else and our service team is equipped to respond to any kind of issue you may have with your installation. Whether you have a few questions about your energy billing in relation to your setup or have a serious issue that needs immediate attention, we will handle it. Manufacturer warranty or installation warranty, ours or someone else’s work, we will take care of you and ensure that your business gets back on that solar wave.
Give us a call with any kind of inquiry or request and our team will respond as fast as possible to take care of your unique needs at INSERT CONTACT HERE.

World Class Support

Problems don’t happen on a schedule. You can submit inquiries and repair/warranty fulfillment requests any time of day via our website submission form. We will respond within business hours of the very next day if submitted after 5pm in the order we receive it within our queue. If you feel more comfortable speaking with a representative directly without the abstraction of a website form, you can call us any time between 7 A.M. and 5 P.M. at xxx-xxx-xxxx. You’ll immediately be connected with an representative who is knowledgeable about your individual needs.
We also know what it’s like to be passed between multiple people and the waste of time it can be re-explaining your issue to people as you get ping-ponged between multiple representatives which is why we also make sure that your case is handled by the same representative from the beginning to end of your service request.