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Solar Power Company in Brentwood, CA Will Help You Save Money By Going Solar

The Solar Sun Surfer team is the Brentwood’s top provider of clean energy systems and management solutions. We provide a full range of products, from rooftop installations to battery storage design services that can be customized for your needs in order meet current federal guidelines with ease!

With decades of experience under its belt, Solar Sun Surfer offers comprehensive energy management systems tailored to each client’s unique needs. Utilizing only state-of the art solar and storage technology that is ready for commercialization anytime.

Commercial Solar Energy in Brentwood

Solar Sun Surfer is a clean energy management company that provides custom solutions for businesses of all sizes. From design to installation and maintenance, our commercial solar power systems are engineered with resilience in mind as well comprehensive features which can meet any need you may have!

We’re an industry-leading team of electrical and civil engineers, project managers who procurement experts. Solar Alternatives works on the cutting edge of sustainable technology through its deep understanding in cost benefits utility requirements that are meaningful economic return while also helping develop realistic achievable goals for you.

Brentwood Residential Solar Energy

We know that your solar panels are an investment. Whether you installed them yourself or had someone else do it for you, our service technicians will make sure they’re performing at their best level and help maximize energy production with maintenance checks every few months—regardless of who put in what type of installation.

When you’re looking for an experienced team to keep your residential solar installation running smoothly, Solar Sun Surfer is here! We specialize in annual maintenance and cleanings of all types. If it’s time that something needs upgrading or if there are questions about transferring titles after purchase from a previous owner let us know – our experts will be happy to assist with whatever task comes up.

Contact us today and we will help you with you solar energy needs!

What Our Clients Say

Getting a solar panel for home is the best decision I’ve made. It has helped me save from electric bills, plus it’s so friendly to the environment.

Default Dexter P

I didn’t know how much I spent on energy for my water heating until I encountered Solar Sun Surfer. I got their solar heating a few weeks back and it’s the same as my regular heating, only it saves me money from electrical bills. You guys are lifesavers!

Default Aurora O

I’m so glad I ran into this place. I’ve been looking for a trusted solar company within my area since I moved, but nothing has caught my attention yet. Until Sun Surfer Solar came along. I love the solar water heating since it has the same function and features of my regular heater, but reduce the burden of energy bills going through the roof.

Default Michael B

I recommend this company for their dedication to solar. And great service of course. There are so many solar companies in California alone, but for me Solar Sun Surfer is my go-to place for everything solar; panels to heaters.

Default William L