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California Solar Pool Heating with a Wave of Solar Energy

If you have owned a swimming pool, chances are you are aware of the costs it takes to upkeep it, including maintaining the temperature so that you’re always ready for the unexpected pool party or simply relaxation time after work.

Keeping a nice swimmable temperature for the average pool holding 10,800 gallons of water isn’t cheap unless you’re using solar pool heating.

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Because of the nature of water and the surface area that releases heat while insulating heat from entering, most homes likely have a gas or electric heat pump system to maintain the temperature and these are extremely expensive, not to mention not especially eco-friendly.

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Normally, a traditional gas or electric pump will use more traditional forms of generating heat that involve the burning of fuels or supply from the local utility company in addition to a pump which circulates the water through the pool at a rate between 5000 and 5500 gallons per hour.

A typical pump is not only doing the job of maintaining the temperature but also the cleanliness of the water.

However, the heating process itself can be changed to take advantage of similar technology used in solar water heaters for your indoor plumbing.

A solar collector is used as part of the circulation loop and does the actual heating after the water is filtered.

The solar collector can be mounted anywhere near the swimming pool that gives sufficient exposure to sunlight for most of the day during the year (keep in mind that the angle of the sun changes throughout the year).

The orientation and tilt of the collector will ultimately determine the efficiency and effectiveness.

Pool Designs and Structures

California’s climate for most pool owners in the state generally above freezing, so the collector is likely to be an unglazed type.

The collector won’t include a glass covering, will be made of heavy-duty rubber or plastic treated UV light inhibitor which extends the life of the solar collector material.

The very simple design of the collector and durability make them rather cheap but highly effective.

Even if they have to be shut down for especially cold weather, their build prevents damage from cold weather such as cracking and splitting.

More elaborate heaters will have special sensors that will operate valves to maintain specific temperatures more accurately.

If there aren’t any sensors, they will have a manual valve which can be operated by hand to achieve the desired temperature.

When the collector temperature is close to the temperature of the pool, the filtered water from the intake will simply bypass the collector by way of the valve setting.

What Kind of Savings Can Solar Pool Heating Provide?

A typical solar pool heater costs anywhere from $3000 to $7000 depending on what kind of options and size the pool is.

Professional installation is included in the costs and unless you are also looking for solar power options for the pump itself, you’re likely to land right in the lower end of that range for the average 10,800 pool, which is about the size of 12 x 24 x 5-foot pool.

According to studies by the Department Of Energy on a variety of different types of solar heating systems for pools across the world, there absolutely is no cheaper way to heat a swimming pool.

Most personal residential swimming pools will find their full installation costs somewhere around $4000 and the money saved on power to heat the pool for 10-12 hours a day will be paid back in full in under two years.

Every operational day after that is quite literally money in your pocket or at the very least, a break-even solution to annual maintenance of the entire pump, heat and filtration system.

You could easily say that the effectiveness of the installation covers the cost of installation itself and very quickly.

Not only that, but the replacement costs of solar collector systems on the typical pool pump system are far and fewer due to lack of excessive moving parts and combustion along with other mechanical factors that often cause failure for traditional pool heating mechanisms.

On average, they require half the maintenance and repair and replacement of parts happens up to 1/3 less than the traditional electric or gas systems traditionally used.

What Else Should I Know About Solar Pool Heating?

Solar Sun Surfer’s professional engineering team is equipped to handle any size pool with any existing configuration.

We take into account your home’s ability to effectively take advantage of solar heating installation packages, applicable California building codes required for installation, and even the efficiency your system requires.

The only thing you really need to think about when is your personal pool usage habits. How often do you use your pool, and how often do you actively heat it.

The less you actively use or heat your pool will definitely affect the savings your installation will return.

We think, though, that if you’ve been trying to save money by running your heater less often, a solar pool heater will reignite your entire reason for owning a pool in the first place, giving you all the reason to enjoy it more often.

You can also avail of our California solar water heating that offers the same feature and benefits.

Surf’s Up On The Wave Of Savings

Even if you don’t often run your pool heater today, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason to not run it with a solar pool heater.

Not only is it eco-friendly, but highly efficient in costs.

You’ll find you can have your pool ready to swim at all times and likely pay less in maintenance and operational costs than with your normal heating system, making every day perfect for swimming and letting off steam.

Why have a pool if it’s just a burden to your pocketbook? Ride the wave of savings with solar heating enjoy your pool like it’s brand new again.

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